"send free group sms-smsgupshup.com"

"send free group sms-smsgupshup.com"

now i m sending free bulk sms to my all friends in one website.
the website provide very useful contents..
u also send messages to ur friends by sending sms to "567678".
first u must join the website. and create ur freinds list.
next u send messages thousands of friends(india only)..
in that time i m using a tricks with my airtel number.
at that time i m send messages to 567673434 they havent take any money. but now they take 3 rs.. by u have gprs mobile u simply go to the wap site

in airtel there are free of cost to browse in mobile..
so u send sms to ur friends using ur wap site..

keep using the group sms by smsgupshuop.com


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