Google adsense account opening tricks

Google adsense account opening tricks

google gives adsense for their advertising purpose.

the give ads to the person who have blog (or) own website.

but no one know how to open his adsense account.
i one year back i m also dont know how to open adsense

but now i get. so im happy now..

because in that time i open a google account and i signup for
adsense account but they not accept my form.

so i try so many days to open my account.

dbut now i opened
so i want to share the tricks

first u search the keyword "indiareviewchannels" in

because that website having adsense revenue channels in google
u sign up for adsense in indiareviewchannels

with ur new id.
and fill the form..
they approved ur form within 2 hrs.

(Note: u must have a blog (or) website. dont feel u open blog

this adsense tricks is 200% proved. all the best to earn more using google adsense)


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